The Season two pitch of the New Doctor Who. Preserved for posterity by Jared "no nickname" Hansen on the Spararchivum Universium.

00. The Christmas InvasionEdit

The newly regenerated Doctor lands the TARDIS in the village of Little Balcombe on Christmas Eve 2005. Rose & the Doctor emerge to a snow covered country scene - like on a Christmas card - a robin pecking at the old farm gate and the snow-capped church steeple in the distance.

They run off through the snow like a pair of kids - but something is wrong. In the snow they see strange footprints - big huge things live cloven hooves. The Doctor mumbles something about the Devil walking the earth & Rose looks scared.

Later in the village , the Doctor & Rose are chatting to Mrs Smythesby-Jones(played by Patricia Routledge) in the village shop. Strange figures have been seen at night tramping through the snow and the villagers are also worried by rumours that the fields aroung the village are about to be compulsorally purchased by the government for housing development. The leader of the villagers' protest group against this - Reg Prentice- was found murdered with a pitchfork through him near the church door last week and cabbalistic drawings carved in blood on the church door. The Doctor & Rose are worried.

Later that night the vicar is getting the church ready for the Christmas Eve mass when he hears footsteps behind him. He screams as a hairy hand clasps his throat and tears it out!!!!!!

Rose hears the scream and runs to the scene & finds the mutilated corpse. Also on the scene is young Ben Chatham (played by Adam Rickitt) a young archaeologist fresh from university and here to investigate the archaeological history of the village. He tears off his shirt and covers the corpse with it - his smoothe, muscular chest shining in the candlelight, luscious & luminous.

The Doctor believes he knows the answer. The development plan is a ruse to secure the village for the 'Radon Development Company' a cover for an alien race called the Lucifarians who physically resemble the medieval image of the Devil. Under the church lies the spaceship of their ancient leader who crashed here hundreds of years ago.

Rose, the Doctor & Ben confront the aliens in the church and defeat them by destroying the spaceship by setting off a self-destruct device in it via sophisticated communications technology in the TARDIS.

Christmas Eve is saved and Ben joins the TARDIS crew for the next adventures.

01 War & PeaceEdit

The TARDIS lands near Stonehenge in the present day. The Doctor is puzzled as he'd set the co-ordinates for Cardiff to let Rose visit Jackie - something has drawn the TARDIS off course.

Ben is excited as he knows theres a new excavation going on in the Stonehenge area and he wants to check it out. The Doctor urges caution but Ben insists and Rose backs him up so they leave the TARDIS to investigate.

Meanwhile a party of schoolkids from Sloan Comprehensive in Dagenham are on a school trip to Stonehenge and Mr Statham the teacher is showing them round - however also there is a party from the local private school St Anselms led by their headmaster Sir Jeremy Blythe.

Also present is St Anselm's head of History - one Sarah Jane Smith!!!! A strange youth named James sits on his own by the side of the stones and takes an object from his pocket. Its some kind of device and he turns a dial. Suddenly the two parties of kids start fighting each other - hurling abuse - the comp kids calling the others 'posh t****s' and the public schoolkids shouting 'chavs' & the like. Even the teachers are fighting - except Sarah Jane who seems immune from the effects.

The Doctor arrives to witness this just as the fighting mysteriously stops. He is concerned. He meets Sarah Jane & there is an emotional reuniuon between them. Ben meanwhile is chatting to Professor Jackson head of the excavation when he hears on the radio thats on reports of mass fighting breaking out accross major cities throughout the world between different classes & races.

That night as they sleep in a local guesthouse strange lights are seen by Rose in the distance over Stonehenge. She rushes into Ben's room and he jumps out of bed - his golden torso shimmering in the moonlight and lucious locks falling down over his supple lips.

They set out to investigate the lights in the Professor's car and end up at West Kennet Long barrow where the boy James is sitting cross legged as if in a trace. As they approach he turns round and his green liminous unearthly eyes shine on them. They pass out.

The Doctor & Sarah are worried by Rose disappearing and hear that the body of the professor has been found amid the stones. Something isn't right here. They eventually realise that the boy James is in fact an alien child - the firstborn of a human-alien hybrid - his mother having been impregnated by alien spores that drifted through space.

Stonehenge is an alien powerhouse and James is telepathically using its power to make the human race fight each other and desroy each other in war - so his race can invade from space.

They find Rose & Ben shaken but safe in the long barrow and the Doctor , Sarah, Ben & Rose go to Stonehenge and form a circle. Their combined mental powers are stronger than James' and the boy is sucked into a stream of cosmic energy and transported off to his race's home planet.

02 Fool's ErrandEdit

The TARDIS lands on board a space freighter in the year 6,455. Rose wanted to see how space travel develops over time so the Doctor chooses a random moment to drop into. The Doctor , Rose & Ben leave the TARDIS in order to explore the ship but it seems mysteriously quiet. Rose turns a corner and gasps- there is a corpse of a crew member lying in front of her. The Doctor says he's been dead for several days. They eventually find their way to the deck having encountered more bodies and diiscover that the whole crew is dead. The Doctor cannot acertain the cause & panics as it might be a virus. But as they try to get back to the TARDIS the ship shudders - another vessel is docking with it. Before they can get back the ship is overrun with the crew of the other ship and they overpower the Doctor, Ben & Rose. Ben is knocked unconscious & Rose takes his head in her arms, tears welling up. She closes her eyes and imagines herself caressing his smoothe body - letting him explore her. It turns out the ship is carrying a valuable cargo of valuable metal dicythium & they are caught in an insurance scam. The invaders leader Bannam works for the company who own the metal which planted a virus on the ship which killed the crew then self-destructed leaving no trace. Then they recover the metal & cop the insurance money claiming the ship has been lost in space.

But something goes wrong. One by one Bannam's crew start to vanish - leaving only a strange powder where they stood. Something else is on the ship. Strangely when they inspect the cargo - they find the crates are empty. The Doctor is alarmed by these developments - as is Bannam who feels resentful that his crew are being turned into powder.

turns out that there was never really dicythium on the ship at all - the freight company has stolen in from the metal company. The former is a front for the Zelans - etherial, gaseous aliens who are using the ship to transport a phial of zetox from earth to a planet in the next solar system - zetox being a rare substance the zelans need to restore them to solid form.

When the Doctor & Ben realise that the zelans will stop at nothing to keep the zetox - the Doctor faces a moral dilemma - does he try to destroy it - thus sentencing the zelans to permanent gaseousness or does he just leave. After oral soul searching he & Ben vote to just leave - much to the anger of Rose who believes that the zelans must be punished for their killings. But the Doctor insists they leave in the TARDIS ; 'we are not righteous avengers' being his final memorable leaving phrase.

03 Love GenerationEdit

Rose is chatting with Ben about music and saying how much she'd love to visit the 60s and see whether it was all it was cracked up to be. The Doctor overhears and with a grin decides to take Rose to a pop festival - 1969. The TARDIS lands in rural Berkshire - just outside the site of the 'Melstock Festival of Love & Peace'. Rose is thrilled and plants a kiss on the Doctor's lips much to the annoyance of Ben. Whatsmore the Doctor kits her out in a kaftan & beads like a hippychick before they go out to explore.

They sample the festival - Rose is delighted to see top rock legend Matt Vacant (played by James Blunt) performing when he was young & still had his own teeth- but Ben is unimpressed and mutters something about ugly hippies and this not being a patch on Will Young.

As night falls the Doctor starts chatting to ageing concert organiser Groovy Jake (played by David Crosby) an amusing character while Rose leads Ben off somewhere more private. They go into the bushes where Rose says she wants to help him unwind 'don't be uptight man - feel the love in the air' she says , getting into the 60s spirit. She begins to peel off Ben's clothes - staring into his beautiful eyes and moving her hands over his smoothe shoulders. Suddenly Ben pulls away - he's seen something in the bushes. Its a girl's corpse - its face smashed in & mutilated.
Ben & Rose raise the alarm - theres a murderer at the festival!!!

The police are called but strangely they don't arrive. Chatting to Groovy Jake, the Doctor leans that the girl , identified from her purse as Sue Spandex was Matt Vacan't's girlfriend!

The Doctor is concerned. Something isn't right here. Where are the police?
The concert goes on but secretly spying around the backstage area , the Doctor notices something odd about the band 'Valhalla' who are getting dressed up - they seem to have reptilian eyes which the Doctor sees them covering with contacts.
Rose suspects Matt Vacant and goes to confront him onstage - but Ben stops her and pleads with her to wait & find the Doctor. She refuses and goes storming off on her own and manages to con her way backstage posing as a groupie. She finds Vacant's dressing area and is shocked to see another mutilated corpse under a pile of clothes. She runs off but rushes headlong into... Matt Vacant !

Meanwhile Ben has alerted the Doctor who has other worries: ' we must stop the concert ' and the two of them & Groovy Jake rush backstage & find Rose drugged but alive . The Doctor has realised the truth - the concert is a ploy by an alien race the reptillian Cressells to gather thousands of youngsters together to be collectively hypnotised. The rock band Valhalla - on last- are actually the Cressells. it turns out Matt Vacant is totally innocent. The Cressells plan to use the youth of the world to take over earth via mass hypnosis.

Ben comes up with a plan - if they can use the TARDIS to interfere with the electric supply - the Cressell's hypnotic music won't reach the crowd. They rush to the TARDIS and the Doctor puts it into a looping land-dematerialise drive - enough to make the electric supply to the festival backfire & blow out all wires. Then they land the TARDIS onstage & confront the Cressells who revert to reptillian form in front of a horrified audience. Masses of hippies rush the stage & the Cressells rush off and have themselves beamed back up to their mothership which leaves the solar system.

The story ends with the Doctor amusingly strunmming a guitar in a jam with Groovy Jake while Rose enjoys a smooch with Matt Vacant.

04 StarmanEdit

Rose asks the Doctor to take her to Cornwall as its a place she's always wanted to visit & Ben wants to check out some archaeological sites there. The TARDIS lands in a small Cornish town near the coast & not far from the Farnwell Nuclear Power Complex. Nearby there is an archaeological dig of an iron age site & Rose & Ben go off to see it while the Doctor takes a walk on the rugged Cornish beach.

However walking on the beach the Doctor notices a strange object that has been washed up - its a piece of metal - but not any metal found on earth. He is concerned.
Meanwhile Ben & Rose are chatting to Dr Maurice Kyle head of the archaeological dig - apparently the dig must end in two days as the Farnwell nuclear station - which owns the land - wants to build another power complex on it. Ben is incensed at the senseless pursuit of economic growth above environmental concerns but Rose calms him down. She wraps her arms around him & tells him to let it go - gently kissing his neck & lips. They also learn that strange figures/creatures have been seen coming from the sea & animals have been found horribly killed.

They meet up with the Doctor who insists that they must investigate the power station as something 'isn't right' here. As they walk back along the beach towards the TARDIS they see a man in the distance being pursued by three men. Theres a shot & he falls. They bundle the man in the back of a black car & drive off at speed.
They use the TARDIS to get into the nuclear power plant. As they investigate they hear voices coming from an office - the door is ajar. The Doctor is shocked to hear the voice of the retired Brigadier Lethbridge Stuart. The former Brig is talking to the sinister Dr Andrews (played by DAVID BOWIE) head of the power station. It turns out that the Brig has retired to the nearby town & is head of the local council planning committee. He has approved plans for a massive expansion of the power plant. He shakes Andrews' hand. As he leaves the Doctor & Ben plead with him to change his mind as something isn't right - but although pleased to meet the new Doctor the Brig doesn't listen.

Meanwhile Andrews' men appear & as the Brig leaves they attack the TARDIS crew & drive them off the site in a van - dumping them by the perimeter fence. The TARDIS is still inside.

They meet with a group of environmentalists led by archaeologist Dr Maurice Kyle and young protester Adam (played by BRUNO LANGLEY). Since he returned to earth Adam has had a complete change of heart - becoming a committed peace campaigner & environmental activist. He pleads with the Doctor to help him get rid of his head implant & the Dr agrees - but first they must unravel the mystery.

Meanwhile at night an old man is looking for stuff left on the beach with a metal detector. Slowly a hideous mutated creature comes out of the sea & attacks him.
The Doctor cons his way back into the power startion posing as a cleaner & discovers Andrews' office . He gets in with the sonic scewdriver and is shocked at the level of technology in the room. He soon discovers the truth: Andrews is an alien whose ship crashed to earth in the sea nearby.He is a scavenger - a space pirate. He uses its technology to wipe the minds of humans and reprogramme them. He plans to use nuclear power to re-charge his ship's power system and also to contact his group of fellow illegal developers who will join him & plunder the earth of its natural resources.

Meanwhile the techniques Andrews is using at the station is producing waste that is turning saeafish into hideous humanoid mutant killers.

The Doctor finds the security /guard room & overpowers the security men before disabling the system. Then Ben, Rose & the protesters get into the plant & they destroy the control panels in Andrews' office.

Andrews tries to flee accross the beach but is alttacked by the creatures & killed.
Meanwhile the Brigadier realises the truth & contacts UNIT who arrive and destroy the mutant creatures.

05 A Time For LoveEdit

The Doctor, Rose, Ben & Adam are in the TARDIS debating where to go next - Adam is admiring his forehead after having his implant removed (the Doctor took him back to the future earth). They all agree that a holiday is needed so the Doctor grins and takes the TARDIS to a remote island off the coast of New Guinea.

Rose is overwhelmed by the beauty of the coastal scenery on the unspoilt island as they rush accross the sand to the sea. She & Ben take themselves off for a walk & swim while the Doctor & Adam sunbathe on the beach - Adam askes if they'll be any tourists turning up 'No says the Doctor- theres a few local people here thats all'.

Meanwhile Rose (in a bikini) & Ben (in shorts) swimming in the sea & splashing each other. Rose gazes into Ben's eyes and sees something she realises she's never had - true depth and desire. She tells Ben she loves him & that she's never felt like this about anyone before. Ben says she's the most exciting, demanding, annoying even but also gorgeous girl he's ever known. They kiss passionately. They then walk back onto the sand - the water glistening on Ben's smoothe body.

That night its warm & sultry & they decide to sleep on the beach. The Doctor & the guys sit chatting by a wood fire while Rose sleeps on a rug in the flickering firelight & moonlight. But she starts to have a strange , terrifying dream. She sees demons clawing at her - with huge talons. She also dreams Ben is laughing mockingly at her and holding a bloodstained knife in his hands . Under him is the corpse of Jackie. She also sees the head of a large panther its fangs drawn.

Rose wakes terrified. Next day she tries to shrug off the visions but they keep coming back. She refuses to talk to Ben & rushes back into the TARDIS. She sees visions of Ben stabbing Jackie & the panther again and is screaming madly. The Doctor tries to help her but she just insists he take her to London to check Jackie is OK.

So they all leave for London - langing outside Jackie's block of flats. Jackie is fine and shouts at the Doctor - accusing him of abducting her daughter (she doesn't initially realise its the same bloke asa the old Doctor). Eventually Rose & Ben pacify her but she is concerned for Rose: "Whats up wiv 'er - my Rose was an 'appy girl till you stuck you oar in" she shouts.

As Ben tries to confort Rose she has another terrifying vision - this time she's being roasted alive by strange natives on a huge bonfire while a tribal dance ensues. Jackie helps her to bed in her own room then boots the others out the flat.
Adam suggests they go for a drink so they go to a local wine bar . The Doctor is concerned for Rose - he believes he's encountered this phenomena before. He wants to return to New Guinea. Meanwhile Mickey turns up at Jackie's flat demanding to see Rose as he saw her arrive earlier out a car window. Jackie tells him to bog off but Rose awakens and insists he be let in. She tells Mickey that she doesn't love him - she loves Ben. She kisses him but he leaves distraught.

The Doctor & Adam leave for New Guinea - leaving Ben in a hotel - he want to be near Rose. Searching the jungle near the beach the Doctor uncovery a strange crystal object in the undergrowth. He recognises it as the shell/container of a Phalanx - an entity of psychic energy that takes over humanoid minds like a parasite feeding on emotional fear. It clearly landed from space and the entity is inhabiting Rose.
Adam askes how it can be removed and the Doctor looks worried - 'only one way' he says.

It turns out Rose must look into the eye of harmony in the TARDIS and the entity must have an alternative host to jump into. They take Rose to the TARDIS and she takes with her Jackie's pet hamster - the Doctor opens the eye then runs - Rose screams - all the visdions return but she carries on. The entity leaves Rose for the h which Rose dropps & crushes with her foot.

Its all over. Rose cries for the animal but the Doctor philosophically says 'Sometimes small sacrifices have to be made'. Rose embraces Ben and tells him she loves him again.

06 Loyalty Binds MeEdit

Ben is chatting to Rose about history and how great it would be to use the TARDIS to travel back and solve some historical mysteries. "Just ask me the answers" chips in the Doctor grinning - "I've generally been there, seen that & bought the shirt" he quips. Ben then asks him whether Richard III did murder the Princes in the Tower & the Doctor is stumped - 'Dunno lets see' he says - & propells the TARDIS back in time to London : 1483.

The TARDIS has landed in a grim part of medieval London - in the region of the old ST Paul's Cathedral. The Doctor , Rose , Ben & Adam leave the TARDIS - but not before the Doctor has kitted them out in medieval clothes so as to avoid dumbfounding the highly superstitious medieval populace.

As they leave the TARDIS they are stuck by the smell of London - the narrow streets are full of horse-dung, litter, dead cats and sewage being tipped out of windows. Rose is horrified by bedraggled women staggering around in brown shawls & haggard, men staring suspiciously from sunken eyes.

They reach ST Paul's as a procession is entering the building & being dressed 'formerly' they manage to join it & get in.

They have arrived to witness the Duke of Buckingham (played by the actor who plays Chris Finch in the Office) announcing that the sons of the late King Edward 1V are bastards due to the Woodville marriage not being legitimate and offering the crown to the protector - the Duke of Gloucester. Richard (played by David Sylvian) humbly steps forward to accept the crown. Rose is shocked as she always thought Richard III had a hunchback - 'Thats Shakespeare' quips the Doctor.

They leave and once more brave the streets of London. Here they meet with an aged fortune teller 'Wise Nellie' who insists on reading Ben's palm. She looks into his beautiful eyes and his delicate hand 'Beware the one who wears the mask of humility. He will tear out thy heart'.

Rose thinks she means Richard and urges them to leave - but Ben & the Doctor are keen to find out the truth. They use the TARDIS to get into the Tower of London grounds - where they see the two boys playing leap frog - however before they can do anything they are surrounded by guards, arrested & thrown into a dungeon.

(oops I'm going on too long - I'll cut to the bear plot essentials)

They share the dungeon with a prisoner who turns out to be the Duke of Clarence's son - he says that Richard is well meaning but being manipulated by those around him. They manage to overpower the guards & escape.

They learn that Richard's coronation is occuring in a few days & they decide to try and get to him first - but the Duke of Buckingham & his cohorts Lovell & Catsby capture Rose - who they mistake for a foreign princess & Buckingham plans to force her to marry him. He drunkenly reveals to her that he has persuaded Richard to seize the throne so that he can then rebel & use the bad feeling generated to overthrow his master and offer the throne to Henry Tudor - thus becoming Tudor's Chancellor. He plans to murder the Princes and foster rumours that Richard is to blame.

Ben & the Doctor rescue Rose while Adam creates a diversion - but it all happens too late - Buckingham's agent Tyrell smothers the Princes.

Ben is able to get to Richard & warn him using the TARDIS - & Richard is therefore prepared & crushes Buckingham's rebellion. Ben also warns him about Bosworth but Richard won't listen - "If fight I must them fight I will" he nobly states.

08 Hospital of the DamnedEdit

The TARDIS lands in present day London as Rose wants to see Jackie & let her spend some time getting to know Ben. While Ben & Rose go off to Jackie's flat, The Doctor, Adam & Jack go for a walk round Piccadilly Circus & the West End - checking out famous places like the statue of Eros & Old Compton Street. In Jackie's flat Rose finds Jackie missing . She is worried as she tries to text Jackie and keeps getting no reply. She starts to cry and Ben takes her in his smoothe, muscular arms - holding her tight. She stares into his luminous eyes and relaxes - letting him caress her. As they are leaving they encounter Mickey walking along - he askes how Jackie is. 'Wot d'ya mean?' says Rose - it turns out that Jackie has been rushed to hospital after collapsing in Woolworths - Rose panics but manages to text the Doctor and then they rush to the Albion Hospital.

When they get there they find that Jackie is recovering well but is being kept in overnight for tests - suspected brain tumor. Rose is devastated - at this moment the Doctor, Adam & Jack arrive and everyone comforts the sobbing Rose. Rose insists on staying with Jackie for a few hours - so the Doctor , Adam & Jack go to the cafe for a cup of tea & a bite to eat. As they walk down the corridor a patient comes running down in front of them screaming - 'They're trying to turn me into one of them - they're taking my mind.... taking my mind....' . But sinister hospital security men overpower him and place a strange glowing object next to his neck which knocks him out. Jack & the Doctor look at each other knowingly - both know that the object is too technically advanced for 2005 earth.

The Doctor is concerned. He decides to send Adam to scout around the wards pretending to be a visitor while he & Jack spot a couple of white overalls in a broom cupboard & put them on - pretending to be medical staff. As Adam walks around a ward a man grabs his arm : 'My mind is going... are you a destructor? I'll kill you - we must free the earth... of infestation....' Adam pulls away scared and runs to find the Doctor who is amusingly pretending to be a medical Doctor & cracking jokes about it with Jack. A nurse approaches: ' Ah you must be the new trainees. Theres been a couple of difficult ones today - rejecting the implants.We had to eliminate one of them - but the Professor assures us its only a mild setback'. The Doctor is keen to meet this Professor and discovers from the nurse that the head of the NHS trust hospital is a Professor Bernard Starr.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the building Professor Starr is meeting with his senior staff in a room filled with futuristic technology & multiple telescreens. "Soon we will be ready for phase two. Our programmed cogs now number over ten thousand - dormant - just waiting for activation. Soon we will destroy the major power intallations of this world and with it this whole morass of a society with its technical madness. The world will be green again just as our friends promised". He fails to see that Adam has stumbled upon the air vent from the room to the corridor and is listening in to the conversation. He soon gets the gist that Professor Starr is a radical environmentalist who has implanted patients with control devices and alien explosives technology - all the size of a pinhead. he plans to get the patients to go to all powerstations 7 blow them up - rendering Britain electricity free. But he is being helped / encouraged by some form of extraterrestrials!!!!

Adam eventually finds the Doctor & Jack & imparts this knowledge. The Doctor decides to find Rose & Ben get them out & safe in the TARDIS before warning UNIT of the goings on. But before he can do so - he, Adam & Jack are confronted by five of the strange hospital security guards. As they approach they smile in a sinister way and their faces begin to pulsate & distort. They elongate and the skin splits to reveal hideous shape changing demon-like creatures with long faces & huge slavering teeth.
The Doctor is gripped with terror as he recognises the Cragora - intergalactic plunderers & bandits who wipe out whole planets in their lust for flesh. Slowly they advance - saliva dripping from their teeth........

09 Fire & JudgementEdit

The Cragora advance on the Doctor, Adam & Jack, their huge mouths opening and saliva dribbling. Rose & Ben appear in the doorway, see whats happening & feisty Rose grabs a fire extinguisher and shoots it off at the Cragora. The foam goes everwhere and they flail about madly as they can't see anything because its gone in their eyes. In the mayhem the Doctor, Adam & Jack join Ben & Rose in fleeing from the room. they race down the corridor and out to the main foyer. As they rush for the main exit Rose stops - "I can't just run away & leave my mum. we've got to get her out". The Doctor is angry - "look we can do that later - we can't get to her now. They won't kill her - to her she's just another patient". But Rose won't listen & she rushes back into the Hospital followed by Ben who feels its his chivalric duty to stay with her. She is surrounded by 'security men' and sshe & Ben are caught. The Doctor, Jack & Adam have no choice but to flee & think of how to rescue Rose & Ben later. They rush out & hail a taxi - the driver Sid making bemused conversation as the three men dive into the backseat & the Doctor tells him to drive fast.

Later in the Tardis Jack suggests a plan. They use the Tardis to locate Rose's position in the hospital - materialise into the room and do a quick 'snatch & run' operation - getting Ben & Rose out while UNIT mounts a full assault on the Hospital itself. The Doctor gets in touch with the new UK Unit head of operations Brigadier Harry Andrews who confirms that troops have been mobilised and are heading for the hospital grounds.

Meanwhile Professor Starr realises that something is afoot as CCTV footage on security monitors shows UNIT vehicles arriving. He orders his cohorts to go to 'RED PHASE' - the start of the main plan. Dials are moved on the control panel. All around the UK , ordinary people start to make their way in cars or on buses etc to the nearest power stations - in a dreamlike state. Starr chuckles 'soon the technical madness will be over'.

The Doctor is speaking to Andrews who is not yet ready for the assault when news comes through in the Tardis media monitor room where Jack is of massive explosions in several power stations - the ones in cars are starting to arrive and then explode.

There is no time to lose - shouts the Doctor down the phone at Brigadier andrews - you must go in NOW! Meanwhile Jack gets tooled up and the Doctor dematerialises the Tardis & lands it in the room where Rose & Ben are being questioned. Jack bursts out & shoots several security men/Cragora. Other Cragora burst in but the Doctor & Adam grab Ben & Rose & pull them into the Tardis as Jack shoots at the aliens. Then Jack jumps in and the Tardis gets out. Meanwhile UNIT attack the Hospital - loads of Cragora rush out in full alien form and a massive battle ensues. Some shots/grenades hit the hospital itself & patients are killed in the crossfire.

Eventually the battle is over & the Cragora killed. UNIT find the control room and destroy the control panel - the patients heading for the power stations collapse & go back to normal. The doctor arrives as a captured Professor Starr is being led out. "They promised me the world would be green again and pollution be ended" he says - the Doctor responds by telling him the Cragora's true aim - the colonisation of earth by themselves and the turning of all animal life into processed food. Starr is broken by the revelation.

Rose meanwhile has found Jackie & hugs her mum - overwhelmed to be reunited with her. The Doctor surveys the wrecked hospital and muses on how sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

10 Not AloneEdit

The TARDIS has landed back in current day London. The TARDIS crew are relaxing in the games room within the TARDIS - Jack & Adam enjoying a game of pool while the Doctor, Rose & Ben are playing the Andromeda edition of Monopoly. Ben asks the Doctor about why the TARDIS can't be used to change history for the better - prevent wars & murders from happening. The Doctor grins and looks at Rose who frowns sadly - and tells Ben all about what happened when she tried to save her Dad & the reapers came etc. 'One of the key laws of time - don't change things ' , reinforces the Doctor.

Next day Rose & Ben go off to visit Jackie while the Doctor , Adam & Jack enjoy a nice day out visiting the Tate Modern. But something is wrong - the Doctor feels a strange juddering sensation in his head & his sonic screwdriver starts bleeping - a warning from the TARDIS. Jack asks whats up ;' Its impossible ' says the Doctor 'someone nearby is trying to travel through time...'

Meanwhile Ben decides to use the time in London to visit his old university professor who has just retired to a plush house in Belgravia - Professor Bernard Levinson . He & Rose go round to his place & Rose comments on the posh houses in the street. They ring the bell but the door is answered by a man Ben remembers as a collegue of Levinson's - a Physics Professor Simon Crenbourne (played by Martin Kemp). Crenbourne says that Levinson is busy and that they should go. As he does so he goes faint - hugs his head and almost collapses before slamming the door. Ben is concerned as is Rose 'That guy was ill' says Rose. Rose insists that they take a look round the back & she & Ben go round and notice that a window is open in a room above an extension. Rose climbs up on its roof using a wheelie bin & Ben follows - they go into the house.

Its dark & gloomy in the stuffy rooms full of books - they creep downstairs where they hear voices. Crenbourne & Professor Levinson are talking , 'Soon it'll be ready Bernard - I just need to fix the final stabiliser components.' 'Excellent' replies Levinson ' the world will soon be liberated from the worst crime in its history'. However as he says this hands grip Ben & Rose - three heavies grab them & drag them into the room to face Crenbourne & Levinson.

Meanwhile the Doctor is acting oddly & insists that Adam & Jack stay in the TARDIS while he uses it to find the time machine's location. He keeps muttering 'I thought I was the only one left .... but I sense another....' He sets off & it lands..... in Levinson's back garden!

In the house Levinson reveals his plans. His friend Cenbourne is a technical genius who has built a time machine. Levinson , who is Jewish & lost all his grandparents in the Holocaust , plans to go back & prevent Hitler from growing up - strangle the baby in its cot. 'The world will never have to know that horror - I can prevent it.' Rose is horrified and tries to tell him not to but Crenbourne interupts - 'Its ready'.

Rose & Ben watch in horror as Levinson sits in the boothe within the machine and Crenbourne fiddls with the dials . Levinson slowly vanishes. Crenbourne chuckles - 'Soon I will be free...'

The Doctor meanwhile has entered the house & overheard the last bit & barges in - 'Doctor' shouts Rose as he is grabbed by the heavies. Crenbourne gives a sardonic laugh - 'So you've changed again Doctor. I couldn't let you be thje only one of us to escape the War'. Slowly the Doctor recognises the horrifying truth ........

Crenbourne is the Master! He has the heavies take Ben & Rose out so he & the Doc can talk alone. It turns out the war blasted him into another dimension & caused him to regenerate. There he used alien technology to build a cross-dimensional transcrosser - but its primitive. He can only stay in this dimension for a few months - and only in the place he ends up - earth 2005. Yet he will also die within months in the other dimension as his molecules have been disintegrating over there in the years since the war & its now the final stages. The only solution is ....

To destroy this dimension by calling up the reapers be getting someone to change history saving millions of lives. The resulting dimensional disruption will shunt the Master back into the other dimension but with translectified molecular reassignment - in other words compatability with the new dimension - he will survive. But this dimension & everything in it will go. The Doctor is horrified... Levinson has gone back to kill Hitler & save lives but will end up destroying the dimension........

  • cue credits* (I've decided to make this one a two parter & save the eco-thriller material for the Cybermen story).

11 Child of DestructionEdit

The Doctor stares horrified as Levinson disappears into the past. However this is alleviated by a massive commotion - Jack & Adam have left the TARDIS and blasted their way into the house. Jack shoots the door open and as he holds a gun on the Master & his heavies the Doctor, Ben & Rose escape and the whole TARDIS crew rush out & into the TARDIS - Jack firing shots at the ground before his pursuers.

Once inside the TARDIS the Doctor says they must follow Levinson & prevent him doing what he wants - fortunately the Doctor memorised the co-ordinates from the control screen of the Master's machinery. He works the TARDIS contols and they dematerialise.

The TARDIS lands in a small Austrian town, Braunau Am Inn , in the late spring of 1889. The Doctor opens the door and looks around - they have landed in a small wooded copse behind the main street & the houses. Rose follows him out , "Is this Germany? she asks. The Doctor tells her its Austria. "Oh - so they got it wrong then - I mean Hitler ain't gonna be in Austria is he?" Ben puts his hand on her shoulder: "Hitler was born in Austria not Germany. Presumably in this town" - Rose feels a bit jealous of Ben's superior knowledge but turns round and plants a kiss on his rose-petal lips.

'Come on - weve got to find Levinson - snoggin can wait" the Doctor exclaims and he, Ben & Rose decide to find the nearest bierkellar & make enquiries while Jack & Adam take a walk through the town looking for anything out of the ordinary.

The Doctor pushes open the door of the bierkeller and they walk in. The place stinks of smoke & old spilt beer & is filthy dirty. Fat, red-faced drinkers are shouting loudly at each other in German (which they can understand courtesy the TARDIS translator facility) & games of cards are being played. In a corner a fat youth in braces plays an accordian. Rose takes the initiative & strides up to the bar feistily .

"Excuse me " she says to the barman , "Is there a bloke called Hitler lives near hear - oh sorry I mean a family called Hitler with a child or baby?" The grim surley barman looks puzzled. Ben steps up :

" Do you know where a man called Alois Hitler lives ... wife called Klara. You might know him as Shickelgruber?"

"Ah "says the barman- you mean old Shickelgruber - ah yes - you missed him he was here till an hour ago . Just about lives in here he does . Sits in that corner. Nasty temper on him today - I'll bet she's in for a good beating tonight!"

"Where is he now" asks the Doctor

"He lives down at the end of the street - house on the corner with the broken gate. Funny there was another man in here earlier asking for him - odd most people avoid the old soak".

They rush out - meanwhile Adam & Jack have noticed something odd - a woman is being attacked in her front garden while another man runs off.

"How dare you invite a man into my home without my say so" shouts the huge bullying man with big moustache as he hits the young woman about the head. Jack strides up - hey leave her alone! The man is drunk & lunges for Jack who decks him with a right hook. The woman pleads with Jack to leave him :

"He's my husband" she pathetically says and helps the man into the house.

The Doctor , Ben & Rose arrive to see the end of this.

"Those are Alois & Klara Hitler - formerly Shickelgruber. " Says the Doctor. "Presumably old Alois got home to find Levinson in his house & chucked him out before he could harm the baby. Probably posing as a salesman or something - duped kind, lonely Klara"

"Ain't he a bit old for er?" Rose says "He married her when she was 17 - he's her uncle as well" says Ben. Rose looks disgusted.

The Doctor insists they find Levinson - he may have run to the nearby woods so they decide to search them - leaving Adam to watch the house.

Its getting dark as Adam paces around by the house. A cat meoows.He hears a noise. Looking round the back he sees a man entering the house via a window at the back. He uses a mobile to contack Rose/The Doctor and pass this on. Then he bangs on the door - Klara answers . "Theres a burglar in your house - I think he wants to harm your baby" - just then there is a noise and they rush upstairs .
Levinson grabs the baby & holds it to himself - while Alois snores in a drunked stupout in the next room.

The Doctor & the others rush in.

Now the key conversation occurs between the Doctor & Levinson. Levinson says that nothing can stop him killing the child , "One twist of this neck & millions of lives will be saved".

"But that child is innocent" says the Doctor " its a baby. Whatever choices it later makes, whatever path it may choose to take at this moment, now , its a guiltless, vulnerable baby. Kill it and you are a murderer".

"How can it be murder to kill Hitler ? says Levinson "He killed my whole family"
The Doctor insists that the baby isn't Hitler - it has not had the experiences necessary to form that mindset yet."

Levinson looks at the baby - its pleading eyes and cannot kill it. He puts it down & allows himself to be led away. Klara is screaming but holds her baby as they leave & go to the TARDIS.

Back in 2005 , the Doctor lands in Levinson's house and they all confront the Master. Realising his plans are foiled he tries to escape but his time in this dimension is over and he slowly disappears - going back to the other dimension - where he is doomed to disintegrate.

Levinson is upset but the Doctor assures him it wasn't his fault & he made the right decision in the end. Then the crew return to the TARDIS and it slowly dematerialises.

12 Web of LiesEdit

The Doctor has just dropped Rose & Ben off in London to visit Jackie who has been released from hospital after a successful operation to remove her small tumour. Rose is vibrantly happy & she waves the Doctor goodbye for now as she & Ben skip off towards the flats.

Back in the TARDIS, Adam & Jack have the radio on and Adam hears on the news that there is a major environmental protest going on in Scotland against the opening of the second wing of the Nantento Plant - a huge GM research plant. The government & EU have forced through legislation allowing the mass planting of Nantento GM crops & use of GM animals - which they argue will mean cheaper & more nutricious food for all. Jack sees no problem with this & he & Adam row - with Adam arguing that the new GM foods contain toxins that poison wildlife and may harm humans. The Doctor steps in and says - 'well we could do with a break - you can go to the protest while me & Jack get some hillwalking in'. So the Doctor takes the TARDIS to the remote, beautiful Rossyle Morach region in the north-west of Scotland.

Leaving the TARDIS they find themselves on a remote lane surrounded by heather & hills. They set off to walk to the nearby village when Jack notices something lying in the road. He goes up to it and sees its a dying rabbit - presumably run over. He picks it up to put it out of its misery and is shocked when it whispers - 'k..k..kill me.. now'. He drops the thing in horror - but when the Doctor & Adam step up to look its dead. 'It talked' says Jack but the others laugh and mock him - although the Doctor secretly thinks Jack must be right - he just doesn't want Adam freaked out.

Arriving in the village they go into the rundown post office. The surly Mrs MacDonald behind the counter is offhand and cold towards them. 'Theres no rooms in this village. We don't get many guests.' The Doctor insists they need somewhere to stay so she directs them to the inn at the end of the street. Arriving at the Inn they walk in - its grimy and gloomy - wooden chairs & creaking floorboards. The walls are decorated with antlers & pictures of tartan-clad highlanders. Cobwebs are everywhere. The Innkeeper , Hamish , directs them upstairs. Adam askes directions to the Nantento Plant and sets off there as its only half a mile away - while Jack & the Doctor come back down to the bar & enjoy a whisky each.

Arriving at the plant, Adam joins the protesters outside the gates & gets chatting to the protest leader Alistair Vaughn (played by Paul Nicholls). Alistair says that strange things have been happening in the plant - human volunteers are being experimented on to see if the GM crops are truely toxic. Alistair feels that the true findings are being hidden. Meanwhile the jeering intensifies as the plant's director arrives by car - Robert Bloch (played by Billy Connelly).

Finishing their whiskys - the Doctor & Jack get chatting to the Innkeeper who says that weird things are going on in the village - dead animals appearing everywhere and ghostly knights in silver armour being seen at night. The Doctor is concerned. He decides to join Adam at the protest as somthing tells him that Adam might not be safe.

Arriving at the protest his fears are confirmed. Several protesters have been invited in to negotiate with Bloch including Alistair Vaughn, all the ringleaders & Adam. Security men won't let anyone else in & the Doc & Jack are suspicious. They decide to get in anyway - they find a quiet spot & the doctor cuts through the wire with his sonic screwdriver - once inside the Doctor futher disables a security alarm while Jack knocks out a security man.

Getting inside the building they wind round labyrinthine corridors and hear screaming in the distance. Before they can investigate however the Doctor & Jack are attacked by security men & overpowered.

They are dragged into a room where Bloch & several other official looking men are waiting. The Doctor asks where Adam & the protesters are but Bloch simply chuckles 'Outta harms way laddie' he says. The Doctor introduces himself & Adam when a communications device on Bloch's desk bleeps. Bloch picks it up and talks quietly to someone & can be heard saying - 'Yes - he said he's the Doctor.... you wanna see them.. aye Controller aye'. 'Well it seems the controllers wanna see ya'. The Doctor isn't surprised - he suspected someone else was behind the plant.

Meanwhile in London, Rose & Ben are enjoying a curry in Jackie's flat. Ben doesn't think much of Jackie's cooking - a ready meal curry from the microwave - but stays quiet for Rose's sake. Jackie is enthusing about how well she feels and Rose hugs her. Jackie also enthuses about how the hospital is so much better now its partially privately funded ..........

by the NANTENTO company!!!!!!!!! She says how she's signed up to a volunteer scheme to go back in & help test some new Nantento foods 'I'll get paid for it Rose £200 quid a time - all you 'ave to do is eat an apple or somefink'.

Meanwhile the Doctor & Jack are led down a corridor - when they hear a scream. Its Adam. They see him through an open door - stripped to his underpants being wired up to some device. Before they can help him they are pushed along to a large door. The door slowly opens - and the Doctor gasps - standing before them and moving closer are five ........

CYBERMEN!!!! The Cyber leader stares menacingly at the Doctor : "Do C Tor! " be continued

14 (sic) Goodbye Is Never EasyEdit

The Cybermen surround the Doctor and the leader moves close to the Doctor's face.
"We know you Doctor. You are the last of the Time Lords. Before the Time War you interfered with our development and progress many times - it is good that you are here now to see our victory over this little planet you seem strangely to value so highly. "

The Doctor grins: "Boring" and yawns

The cybermen grab his & Jack's arms and lead them into a room with a massive plasma screen. The Cyberleader shows the Doctor images as he explains:

"The weakness of humanity is their greed - which we will exploit to its limit. Using this company as a cover we have encouraged them to accept genetic modification of food crops and animals as an intrinsic benefit. Within the genetic coding however we have implanted genes which will convert animal genes into human genes like a virus and vice versa - the catalyst genes will emenate from the very plants consumed by the animals. Soon mutations will appear - hybrid human animals that will create panic, mass fear, cultural and religious collapse and revolts. Out of this turmoil the human race will be so weakened that our forces will have no problem stepping in and promising order in return for the surrender of freedom".

Jack reacts angrily -" what will be left to take over - a planet of dying mutants?"
The Cyberleader then explains that the survivors will them be restored via nanogenes - which can counteract the genetic blending - but only in the very young - the adults will remain mutated & eventually die.

The Doctor is puzzled: "Since when did the Cybermen have such sophisticated genetic technology?"

The Cyberleader ignores this but points out that the human children will then be changed into Cybermen when they become adult.

The Cybermen leave Jack & the Doctor in the cell. The Doctor tells Jack that he thinks the Cybermen arn't acting alone - someone or something has given them technology beyond their own development.

Meanwhile Alistair Vaughn & Adam are being 'tested' by medical workers and are found to be in good physical condition. A strange liquid is then injected into them.
Bloch appears on the national news on the TV in Jackie's flat defending GM research and assuring the public that it has no connection with reports of strange animal attacks occuring throughout Scotland. Jackie is drinking red wine with Ben & Rose but as she gets up to refill her glass she feels a strange dizzy feeling. She falls down. Rose is horrified but pulls herself together feistily and calls an ambulance.
Meanwhile a party of hillwalkers are walking through the heather in Scotland when they hear strange grunting sounds. Slowly a whispering starts : "Die Die Die Die DIE DIE" getting louder and louder. From withing the heather leap a mass of rabbits - all of them shouting in human voices as they jump on their prey and bite into them. Elsewhere a figure is seen staggering down the road as if drunk - seen from behind. As he turns round he has the face of a fox and is chewing on a human HAND!

Fortunately the Cybermen have forgotten the Doctor's sonic screwdriver which he uses to break out of the holding cell with Jack. The first priority is to rescue Adam & Alistair Vaughn & the other protesters from the medical room - Jack bursts in and blasts the security men before freeing the captives. Adam looks strange - he has facial hair & his teeth are elongated. The Doctor guesses that he has been genetically altered - "we must find the nano-genes store he surmises
As they investigate the winding corridors they hear a voice talking to the Cyberleader. The Cyberleader leaves a room and walks off - but the Doctor looks worried - he knows that voice. As they turn into the room a figure is bent over some controls. He turns around. It is:

It is.......

Henry Van Statten!!!!!! He grins at the Doctor menacingly , "So Doctor - you have escaped my associates. No worries - you won't remain free for long". Jack looks puzzled - so the Doctor lets him know who van Statten is. Van Statten is keen to gloat over his new found role as betrayer of humanity. He explains how he always suspected plots against him from within his business empire and how he took the precaution of having brain implants put in which would counteract any memory-wiping process . He also holds up a strange silver device - as small as a mobile phone:
"This is a Malfestrian Library Transfuser - recovered from a UFO crash in 1975 and the only part of my collection I managed to keep with me. Fortunately it contains knowledge far beyond that of even these Cybermen and that knowledge was transferred to me via a simle flick of a switch - including advanced genetics. With the help of my new allies I will become the wealthiest man in the new earth - indeed its Governor! Power and wealth combined - perfect! A far better choice than that I see the boy has made (he looks at Adam)"

The Doctor scoffs , "What as the puppet of the Cybermen? I never had you down as a complete donga."

Van Statten is unmoved. " The Cybermen will take what they need in terms of resources yes. But through collaboration I'll have the pick of whats left and the power to go with it. I never liked people Doctor - only things. And think of the artefacts these Cybermen will have amassed on their travels through the galaxy. I can rebuild my collection a thousand times over".

"This guy's crazy" exclaims Jack - however the Doctor thinks he hears the Cybermen returning and so he nudges Jack and they both rush out and down the corridors, followed by Adam & Alistair. They see a doorway and Jack overpowers the security men while the others rush out.

Meanwhile back in London Rose is being comforted by Ben as Jackie fights for life in intensive care. A Doctor approaches and leads them into a quiet room at the side of the corridor. Slowly the Doctor explains that Jackie has suffered a blood clot in the brain following her cancer treatment and scans suggest that she has suffered major brain damage. "I'm sorry to tell you but she's unlikely to survive this". Rose is devastated & buries her head in Ben's chest -crying. But she pulls herself together - 'I want to be with her now' she says .

The Doctor, Jack , Adam & Alistair Vaughn escape the research plant and are walking towards the village. Jack is talking - "How can we stop them Doctor -" but the Doctor grins. "Easy to sort. Firstly I contact my old friends at UNIT and get this place surrounded. Secondly we take a little trip in the TARDIS back to the 1940s to the moment when the nanogenes solved our little problem with the empty child and gather some up in the TARDIS sample recipricule. The TARDIS will do the rest.
This is what they do - the TARDIS's replication technology creates billions of nanogenes and upon relanding they are released like butterflies out of the TARDIS door. The nanogenes travel thousands of miles reversing the CYbermen's work while UNIT storm the research complex. The Cyberleader and others flee in a space vehicle while in the burning ruins of a lab lies the body of Van Statten who chose suicide over capture.

Back in London, Rose looks tearfully into ben's beautiful eyes. Jackie has just died. They are in the quiet room. Rose slowly explains how she needs to be alone with her family and Ben must leave. She can't travel with the Doctor for a while. She needs to sort her head out for a while. She tells Ben she loves him but right now she can only think of her mum.

This could be goodbye. "Tell the Doctor it was great. He'll understand......."